Friday, July 6, 2012

Grandma holding me - 1975.

Oh, Grandma.

How is it possible that you've been gone for seven years?  SEVEN YEARS?  Time really does speed up, the older you get.  It makes me want to stop and take a moment and just take in everything around me; to hug people a little longer; to sing when I feel like crying; to do things that would make my Grandma proud of me.

When Grandma was my age, they didn't have things like blogs and Facebook.  People were more apt to keep their troubles to themselves.  People just didn't talk about "certain things".  I know now, that my Grandma did not have an easy life.  But she always seemed to be able to put things into perspective.  So many people commented on her smile.  And I always felt like Angels were singing along when she played the piano and sang.  Music and Jesus got her through the rough times.

I am so blessed to have had her influence in my life.  I would be a completely different person without it.  And no - she wasn't perfect - and neither am I.  But every day - when I am having a rough time - I can feel a little nudge that says:  "You can do it."  And I can.  And I am.  And I know that much of my strength was passed on to me by Grandma, and I'm thankful for 30 years I got to spend with her.

You are missed, Grandma, by all of your family and friends.